Travelling to Seattle – Find Out About the Amazing Amenities and Attractions

Who could blame you if “Starbucks Coffee” springs to mind every time you think about Seattle because after all, Seattle is the birthplace of the world’s favorite coffee? On the other hand, if you’re into your music then you probably associate Seattle with grunge music, but the truth is, there’s a lot more to Seattle than just music and coffee alone.

For example, Seattle is often referred to as being the “emerald city” because it’s known to be the greenest city in America. One of the first things visitors realize when they visit is that in Seattle cheap hotels are plentiful, and just because they’re cheap, that’s not to say they are below standard. When you visit Seattle you can be rest assured there’s plenty to see and do. Not only are there an abundance of natural attractions, but there are also numerous manmade attractions which will leave you feeling as though you cannot take everything in during one short holiday.

The Space Needle is perhaps one of the most dominant landmarks in the city, and it’s not only because it’s the biggest building, but instead, it has more to do with the building’s unique architecture. Ever since the building went up in 1962, it has attracted millions of tourists. In fact, no visit to Seattle would be complete without first going for a meal at the rotating “SkyCity” restaurant located on the top of the Space Needle building at a height of 500 feet.

Fortunately, in Seattle hotels are conveniently situated amongst all the most popular tourist attractions. This, of course, makes it easy for visitors to visit several of the city’s museums. Whether you’re interested in art, or whether you’re interested in science, you can be rest assured there’s a museum in Seattle which will be to your liking. Seattle is also home to the famous “Experience Music Project” museum and the “Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame”. Pike Place Market which was originally established in 1907 has also become an icon as far as attractions are concerned. The main thing which sets this market apart from the rest is that it is still operated by farmers to this day, and considering it covers more than nine acres, it’s easy to see why many visitors end up spending an entire day there. Such is the nature of this market, that it attracts more than 9 million people each year.

Considering that Seattle has played such a prominent role in the music industry over the years, it would only seem natural for the city to have several music venues. If music is your thing, you certainly won’t be disappointed in the nightlife, and if you really want to be seen frequenting the top spot, then you’ll need to make sure you visit the Can-Can, which by the way, is also situated in Pike Place Market. In this part of Seattle cheap hotels cater to a diverse influx of tourists, ranging from the white-collar businessman, all the way through to devout Jimi Hendrix fans.

For those in search of some outdoor adventure, the North West part of the city is quite literally a dream come true. Here you will find activities such as white water rafting, whale watching, scuba diving, and mountaineering, to name just a few. As is the case in the center of the Seattle cheap hotels are easy to come by, but of course, if you intend visiting during the peak holiday season, it’s advisable to book your accommodation in advance. When you visit Seattle cheap hotels shouldn’t be the only thing you’re thinking about, but let’s face it, finding a good hotel which is cheap inevitably means that you’ll have more money available to spend on other things. No matter where about in the city you stay, you can rest assured your holiday will be one which you remember for the rest of your life.