Seattle Attractions on a Budget

Learn more about Seattle and the great attractions available for you to see there.

The best thing about going to Seattle? Cheap hotels are available without feeling like you are staying in a cheap hotel. The rankings are similar to elsewhere in the U.S. From five stars down you will pay more for five stars but there are many four-star hotels that charge around $65 a night and sometimes online deals are even cheaper. Find one in a location that will put you within several sightseeing destinations and for the ones that are farther away, you can find transportation.

A lot of historic areas are present in Seattle. Cheap hotels are often located in very good proximity to landmarks and other attractions such as the zoo that tourists like to frequent. Of course, the areas between Lake Washington and Puget Sound are a well-known area for residents and visitors alike. So, naturally, places that are more popular are going to have higher rates for their hotels. If you are a football fan, you might really enjoy a trip to Qwest Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks. The stadium is not only great for the games that are played here, but there is a terrific view of the Olympic Mountain, Mount Rainier and Puget Sound from here. The field is also in close proximity to downtown so shopping is another thing to enjoy while on your trip to Seattle. This is an extremely friendly city and you will enjoy talking with the locals and hearing all their stories about the ‘way things used to be.’

Of course one of the things you need to see if you are going to Seattle is the Space Needle. There is no way you could go here after all the things you have heard over the years and not make this a stop on your things-to-do list for sightseeing in Seattle. A visit to the International District while in Seattle will be a treat for those who love Asian cuisine, unusual shopping spots and history galore. This is one of the places people go if they are only in Seattle for the day. Pioneer Square is another historic place that you will enjoy. During the daylight, the Square features many art galleries and when darkness falls the Square comes alive with the numerous clubs, many of which feature live music.