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Many Different Boat Tours in Seattle

The city of Seattle is practically an island as it is surrounded by water on three sides.  To the west obviously is the great Puget Sound.  And the Elliot Bay, fed by the Sound is to the southwest corner of the city.  The east side is hemmed in by Lake Washington.

As a result a thriving boat tour industry has developed in and around Seattle.  Everything from booze cruises, sunset cruises on sail boats, to ferry’s that transport much of Seattle car traffic can be selected from.

Of particular interest are the Duck boat tours from Ride The Ducks of Seattle.  These land and water tours use old WWII amphibious assault boats to give riders an adventure through Seattle that is unlike any other.

Pike’s Place Market

If you’re planning a trip to Seattle, you have to check out Pike’s Place Market! The locals call it “Pike’s Place” or often just “The Market”. What sets Pike’s Place aside from other tourist markets, such as San Francisco’s notorious Fisherman’s Wharf is that local Seattleites actually go to Pike’s Place for their own shopping. The Market offers a lot of authentic cuisine from the Northwest and is a great destination for any food lover planning a trip to Seattle.

Or, if you’re one of the more daring types, you can check out the Ghost Tour. Also, if you’re planning a trip there, don’t forget to pick up a dozen donuts from the famous Daily Dozen.

And don’t forget, the original Starbucks is there as well! It’s nothing too special, so don’t get too excited, but it’s a good place to say you’ve visited if you were in the area.

Kerry Park

If you’ve ever seen a picture of the Seattle skyline, chances are, you’ve it was a photo taken from Kerry Park.  You should check out this website to learn more about the activities at Kerry Park

It can get pretty crowded with tourists in the summer, and particularly on spring nights as this is a go-to place for high school kids to take prom photos.

Seattle is blessed with only 58 days of sun per year, so the only days you might get lucky with a good view is in the summer or springtime, all of which are very crowded. Yikes! However, if you were planning a trip to Seattle during these times, it’d be a great place to take in a view nonetheless! Just be careful of your belongings.

Valve (Software Company)

Did you know that Valve corporation is actually headquartered in Bellevue, Washington? (That’s about 10 miles east of Seattle, on the other side of the bridge). I included this in this list for anyone who is into gaming or has a boyfriend or husband who’s into games. If they play games, they’ll probably have heard of Valve!

What makes valve awesome is if you send them an email, they’re very open to setting up a date to give you a tour of their offices. It’s a blast and a dream come true to many gamers to see the behind the scenes look of the magic. It’s a great date idea if you’re in Seattle or planning a trip to Seattle. Just make sure you send the email out well in advance so they can be sure to book you a date.

EMP (Experience Music Project)

The EMP is the Northwest’s most famous music museum. It garnered some notoriety, if not infamy, for its highly criticized building design. It’s right in the heart of Downtown Seattle and you can’t miss it.

The EMP is a great go-to spot for those who are into music and planning a trip to Seattle. It offers sound booths and work labs that can make it an enjoyable experience to go, even if you don’t play an instrument but want to know more about what goes into producing music and the history behind the music. The Museum hosts large collections on some of Seattle’s most iconic rock artists and movements, including Seattle own Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix.

Lake Washington

Lake Washington is the largest lake separating Seattle from the “Eastside”. When planning a trip to Seattle, there’s nothing better to experience Seattle’s natural beauty than to go on a canoe trip or a kayaking trip in the lake.

It’s safe, it’s fun, and it’s a good workout as well. Chances are, if you’re ever going, it’ll be raining or overcast in Seattle, to be sure to bring a light raincoat and swimming trunks. Else, if it’s during the summer, it will most likely be very bright and sunny so be sure to bring your waterproof sunblock. All the best! Good luck and be safe!