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SEO AMA: Weekly SEO Discussion. from r/shopify

Ok, so this week we are going to just do a Q & A for search engine optimization questions.  There is a lot of bad information, misinformation, and lack of information out there, so I’m going to tell you what is actually working right now.

What is better, SEO or PPC?

I’m naturally biased towards SEO, it seems like a longer lasting plan because you are building a website to the best standards of the internet and html.  But it’s important to do what works and what makes sense from a dollars perspective.

Plus, if you are doing something that is just working for you, that is making you decent money, whether it’s Pay Per Click or SEO, or email marketing, or even direct-response mailers, keep doing that.

There is a time and a play for just about everything.  SEO and PPC are simply tools, they may work well for you, and they may not.

I know a dog trainer that was getting a ton of good relevant traffic to her website using Google PPC.  She was paying $.09 per click.  That’s crazy cheap.  So, in that case, PPC was a way better spend of money compared to SEO.

But SEO lasts much longer.  You can actually stop “doing optimization” to a website for months, and it can still rank highly and get a ton of relevant traffic.  It all just depends what works best for your situation.

What is On-page SEO?

On-page refers to working specifically on the website to make it easier for a search engine to find and understand the information on your website.  This means stuff like fixing your URL’s so they have relevant information, add schema ( to your website, making sure your website loads quickly, fixing your Page Titles to give relevant information, fixing your images and their Alt Text and file names, making sure that you have relevant anchor text.

You will also want to go through your content, that means the actual words on the page, the paragraphs, like what you are reading right now, and make sure the content is unique, helpful, and valuable.  It is also a good idea to use H tags, or Heading tags where appropriate such as for sub heads and naming of a paragraph.

All this work that is done on the website itself is referred to as On-page optimization.  Off-page basically just refers to links to your website.  But, if the company you are working with really knows what they are doing, the will say how Off-page also refers to things like branding.

What are the best plugins for search optimization for WordPress?

rankmath seo plugin
Here’s the dashboard of the RankMath plugin for WordPress.

This is a great questions and an area of a lot of misunderstood stuff.  The three plugins I use are RankMath, Yoast, and All In One SEO.  They are all good and they all can get the job done.

But, here’s the thing, you only need a plugin create an xml sitemap (go here to manually create a sitemap:, a robots.txt file, to no-index pages you don’t want to show up in a Google search, and to control your Page Titles and meta descriptions, and that’s it.

These plugins do a lot more than this, and they make you think that you need to do a lot more that this, but that’s incorrect.  All you need from these plugins is the most basic stuff.  People way over complicate the plugin issue.

This being said, some of these plugins do have a Bad Bot Blocker built in, so that’s pretty cool if you need it.

What is a ClickFunnel and does it show up in Google?

This is an interesting question.  I don’t know what exactly you call a ClickFunnel, at least technically anyway.  It’s a sales landing page.  It is not a website.  So, I guess it is actually some sort of web page, because obviously you see them on the internet.

Now, I wouldn’t waste any time optimizing a ClickFunnel page for bots to crawl.  I originally thought that ClickFunnel pages would not index in Google, but then a week ago I randomly checked and a few actually did show up in the index.  That was new to me.

If an SEO company tries to tell you they can rank your ClickFunnel page, go ahead and just walk away from them

Which is the best local SEO tool to manage store listings – YEXT vs Uberall?

I will tell you right now that they all suck.  I’ve tried them all and they are all terrible.  They pitch you that they will monitor your listings.  FFS, once you build a business listing, or citation, then that’s all you need to do, you do not need to monitor it.

The problem with Yext is that they either own or have exclusive contracts with a lot of good citation websites and they only way you can get on them, is to buy Yext’s over priced service.

The whole thing seems scammy to me and I avoid all those tools and services.

What is something most people don’t realize about search?

Most people do not realize that to get to the top of a competitive Google search, you can just look at the sites that are already there.  Google has to show you what it values.  It obviously values the top 10 search results on the first page.

Boom!  Google just showed you how to rank.  So just study those websites.  Look at their domain names, look at their URL’s, look at their on-page.  Are they using keywords in the H tags?  What keywords and related keywords are they using.

You’ll also want to see if it’s even possible for you to get your site up there.  So searches are just dominated by large authority websites and if you are not a large authority website, then you don’t have any chance of showing up.

So, it’s important to study what Google thinks.  You are not going to change Google’s mind, but if you can study what Google already values, then you have a great plan and you can just build towards that.

Well, I hop you got a lot out of this weeks Q & A session.  It was a lot of fun.  If I find some other great questions, we’ll do another one of these soon.

Seattle, Washington

Though famous for its love of coffee, Seattle does not end on it alone. Seattle was named Emerald City with a rich culture that perfectly defines what it has become today. With an estimated population of 602,000 as of 2009, it had been ranked as one of the most literate cities with the highest percentage of college graduates in the State.

Seattle was settled by the Indian tribes: Duwamps and New York Alki. The city’s present name was taken from the name of a chief of one of the two tribes, Sealth. Moving on to the timeline, Seattle has experienced sudden development and downfall a number of times. Their development was caused by the demand for their lumber industry and Klondike Gold Rush. These developments, however, preceded their downfall which included the Panic of 1893, a period of Depression and the World War.

With their rich culture and heritage, Seattle impressed the world with its performing arts. Among the famous ones include the Seattle Symphony Orchestra which existed for about a century. Other well-acclaimed performing arts were the Seattle Opera, Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra and Pacific Northwest Ballet. The city also holds several festivals of chamber music arranged by the Seattle Chamber Music Society. Seattle’s music society gave birth to what is known as the Seattle sound or popularly known as grunge which is a new genre classified under an alternative rock. Seattle had been the home of outstanding artists around the world including Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana.

In accordance with their excellence in music, Seattle holds a series of festivals that showcase their talents. They have the Bumbershoot which exhibits their excellence in music and arts, Seattle Hemp Fest which is attended annually by about 100,000 people, and the must-see Bite of Seattle – a gay festival which is also one of the largest in the State. Seattle has a number of Museums and Galleries including Longhouse Museum, Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle Art Museum and Frye Art Museum which is for free. From these places, one will see bits and pieces of Seattle’s history, and their excellence in the field of Arts.

You may also want to visit a list of famous landmarks found in Seattle. Some places on the list are the Space Needle, Columbia Center, Smith Tower, the first Starbucks and Seattle Central Library.

Seattle has well-developed health and transportation systems consisting of a network of buses for the convenience of the people. They are now, however, trying to break away from automobiles and plan a shift to mass transit.

These facts prove that despite Seattle’s downfalls, there are still evident periods of development that is clearly seen nowadays.

Must See Places

Many Different Boat Tours in Seattle

The city of Seattle is practically an island as it is surrounded by water on three sides.  To the west obviously is the great Puget Sound.  And the Elliot Bay, fed by the Sound is to the southwest corner of the city.  The east side is hemmed in by Lake Washington.

As a result a thriving boat tour industry has developed in and around Seattle.  Everything from booze cruises, sunset cruises on sail boats, to ferry’s that transport much of Seattle car traffic can be selected from.

Of particular interest are the Duck boat tours from Ride The Ducks of Seattle.  These land and water tours use old WWII amphibious assault boats to give riders an adventure through Seattle that is unlike any other.

Pike’s Place Market

If you’re planning a trip to Seattle, you have to check out Pike’s Place Market! The locals call it “Pike’s Place” or often just “The Market”. What sets Pike’s Place aside from other tourist markets, such as San Francisco’s notorious Fisherman’s Wharf is that local Seattleites actually go to Pike’s Place for their own shopping. The Market offers a lot of authentic cuisine from the Northwest and is a great destination for any food lover planning a trip to Seattle.

Or, if you’re one of the more daring types, you can check out the Ghost Tour. Also, if you’re planning a trip there, don’t forget to pick up a dozen donuts from the famous Daily Dozen.

And don’t forget, the original Starbucks is there as well! It’s nothing too special, so don’t get too excited, but it’s a good place to say you’ve visited if you were in the area.

Kerry Park

If you’ve ever seen a picture of the Seattle skyline, chances are, you’ve it was a photo taken from Kerry Park.  You should check out this website to learn more about the activities at Kerry Park

It can get pretty crowded with tourists in the summer, and particularly on spring nights as this is a go-to place for high school kids to take prom photos.

Seattle is blessed with only 58 days of sun per year, so the only days you might get lucky with a good view is in the summer or springtime, all of which are very crowded. Yikes! However, if you were planning a trip to Seattle during these times, it’d be a great place to take in a view nonetheless! Just be careful of your belongings.

Valve (Software Company)

Did you know that Valve corporation is actually headquartered in Bellevue, Washington? (That’s about 10 miles east of Seattle, on the other side of the bridge). I included this in this list for anyone who is into gaming or has a boyfriend or husband who’s into games. If they play games, they’ll probably have heard of Valve!

What makes valve awesome is if you send them an email, they’re very open to setting up a date to give you a tour of their offices. It’s a blast and a dream come true to many gamers to see the behind the scenes look of the magic. It’s a great date idea if you’re in Seattle or planning a trip to Seattle. Just make sure you send the email out well in advance so they can be sure to book you a date.

EMP (Experience Music Project)

The EMP is the Northwest’s most famous music museum. It garnered some notoriety, if not infamy, for its highly criticized building design. It’s right in the heart of Downtown Seattle and you can’t miss it.

The EMP is a great go-to spot for those who are into music and planning a trip to Seattle. It offers sound booths and work labs that can make it an enjoyable experience to go, even if you don’t play an instrument but want to know more about what goes into producing music and the history behind the music. The Museum hosts large collections on some of Seattle’s most iconic rock artists and movements, including Seattle own Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix.

Lake Washington

Lake Washington is the largest lake separating Seattle from the “Eastside”. When planning a trip to Seattle, there’s nothing better to experience Seattle’s natural beauty than to go on a canoe trip or a kayaking trip in the lake.

It’s safe, it’s fun, and it’s a good workout as well. Chances are, if you’re ever going, it’ll be raining or overcast in Seattle, to be sure to bring a light raincoat and swimming trunks. Else, if it’s during the summer, it will most likely be very bright and sunny so be sure to bring your waterproof sunblock. All the best! Good luck and be safe!

Choosing Cheap When Travelling

There are many advantages associated with choosing cheap hotels when traveling to Seattle. Seattle is a location that draws well over nine million visitors on an annual basis. Named as one of the “Top 10 Favorite Cities to Visit” of two well-known magazines – Travel + Leisure and Conde Nest Traveler – Seattle offers many different unique experiences for the individual that enjoys traveling. Seattle is often referred to as a “Metro-natural” region. This means that it has all the characteristics that are associated with a metropolis that is considered to be “world-class”, while surrounded by geographically beautiful surroundings. If you plan on traveling to this region, you will discover many expensive hotel accommodations. In this guide, you will learn that there are many benefits associated with choosing inexpensive hotels in Seattle.

Safety– One of the first benefits associated with cheap hotels in Seattle is the fact that they are typically quite safe. It is often challenging to find inexpensive accommodations that are located in the midst of the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle. In areas where higher costing hotel accommodations are located, it is common for crime rates to be quite high. Downtown Seattle is close to great attractions like Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. In regions of Seattle where the hotels are cheaper, there are typically fewer people which means that are smaller crime rates. If you are traveling to Seattle for the first time, or have been several times and are not familiar with the area, it is often best to choose among the cheap hotels because they are typically much safer.

One of a Kind Customer Service -In a Metronatural location such as Seattle, it is often challenging to receive one of a kind customer service. This is especially true when it comes to a large chain, expensive hotels. These hotels are typically so crowded and busy that it is often challenging for individuals that work at these businesses to provide individualized customer service that makes for a memorable travel experience. If you stay at one of the Seattle cheap hotels, you are sure to find that the individuals that work within these businesses are friendlier and have the capability to provide one on one individualized customer service that will assist in making your trip to the City of Seattle memorable. The city of Seattle is a tourist mecca, and because of this hotels are used to providing top customer service!

Services– It is common for a large chain, expensive hotels to provide many different services such as laundry services, maid services, room service, wake up calls, exercise facilities, swimming pools, and various other types of services. However, you must understand that you typically pay for these services in the total amount that you pay for your travel accommodations. By choosing one of the Seattle cheap hotels, you will find that there are services that are offered, but at a higher discount. Many inexpensive chains combine services in order to assist guests in saving money. When you travel to Seattle, it is important to consider what services you truly need and want. You will often discover that those that are associated with cheaper hotels are quite sufficient. If you want to save money, or even have more money to spend on your trip to the City of Seattle, it is best to opt for one of the many inexpensive hotels in and around the city.

Travelling to Seattle – Find Out About the Amazing Amenities and Attractions

Who could blame you if “Starbucks Coffee” springs to mind every time you think about Seattle because after all, Seattle is the birthplace of the world’s favorite coffee? On the other hand, if you’re into your music then you probably associate Seattle with grunge music, but the truth is, there’s a lot more to Seattle than just music and coffee alone.

For example, Seattle is often referred to as being the “emerald city” because it’s known to be the greenest city in America. One of the first things visitors realize when they visit is that in Seattle cheap hotels are plentiful, and just because they’re cheap, that’s not to say they are below standard. When you visit Seattle you can be rest assured there’s plenty to see and do. Not only are there an abundance of natural attractions, but there are also numerous manmade attractions which will leave you feeling as though you cannot take everything in during one short holiday.

The Space Needle is perhaps one of the most dominant landmarks in the city, and it’s not only because it’s the biggest building, but instead, it has more to do with the building’s unique architecture. Ever since the building went up in 1962, it has attracted millions of tourists. In fact, no visit to Seattle would be complete without first going for a meal at the rotating “SkyCity” restaurant located on the top of the Space Needle building at a height of 500 feet.

Fortunately, in Seattle hotels are conveniently situated amongst all the most popular tourist attractions. This, of course, makes it easy for visitors to visit several of the city’s museums. Whether you’re interested in art, or whether you’re interested in science, you can be rest assured there’s a museum in Seattle which will be to your liking. Seattle is also home to the famous “Experience Music Project” museum and the “Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame”. Pike Place Market which was originally established in 1907 has also become an icon as far as attractions are concerned. The main thing which sets this market apart from the rest is that it is still operated by farmers to this day, and considering it covers more than nine acres, it’s easy to see why many visitors end up spending an entire day there. Such is the nature of this market, that it attracts more than 9 million people each year.

Considering that Seattle has played such a prominent role in the music industry over the years, it would only seem natural for the city to have several music venues. If music is your thing, you certainly won’t be disappointed in the nightlife, and if you really want to be seen frequenting the top spot, then you’ll need to make sure you visit the Can-Can, which by the way, is also situated in Pike Place Market. In this part of Seattle cheap hotels cater to a diverse influx of tourists, ranging from the white-collar businessman, all the way through to devout Jimi Hendrix fans.

For those in search of some outdoor adventure, the North West part of the city is quite literally a dream come true. Here you will find activities such as white water rafting, whale watching, scuba diving, and mountaineering, to name just a few. As is the case in the center of the Seattle cheap hotels are easy to come by, but of course, if you intend visiting during the peak holiday season, it’s advisable to book your accommodation in advance. When you visit Seattle cheap hotels shouldn’t be the only thing you’re thinking about, but let’s face it, finding a good hotel which is cheap inevitably means that you’ll have more money available to spend on other things. No matter where about in the city you stay, you can rest assured your holiday will be one which you remember for the rest of your life.

Seattle Attractions on a Budget

Learn more about Seattle and the great attractions available for you to see there.

The best thing about going to Seattle? Cheap hotels are available without feeling like you are staying in a cheap hotel. The rankings are similar to elsewhere in the U.S. From five stars down you will pay more for five stars but there are many four-star hotels that charge around $65 a night and sometimes online deals are even cheaper. Find one in a location that will put you within several sightseeing destinations and for the ones that are farther away, you can find transportation.

A lot of historic areas are present in Seattle. Cheap hotels are often located in very good proximity to landmarks and other attractions such as the zoo that tourists like to frequent. Of course, the areas between Lake Washington and Puget Sound are a well-known area for residents and visitors alike. So, naturally, places that are more popular are going to have higher rates for their hotels. If you are a football fan, you might really enjoy a trip to Qwest Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks. The stadium is not only great for the games that are played here, but there is a terrific view of the Olympic Mountain, Mount Rainier and Puget Sound from here. The field is also in close proximity to downtown so shopping is another thing to enjoy while on your trip to Seattle. This is an extremely friendly city and you will enjoy talking with the locals and hearing all their stories about the ‘way things used to be.’

Of course one of the things you need to see if you are going to Seattle is the Space Needle. There is no way you could go here after all the things you have heard over the years and not make this a stop on your things-to-do list for sightseeing in Seattle. A visit to the International District while in Seattle will be a treat for those who love Asian cuisine, unusual shopping spots and history galore. This is one of the places people go if they are only in Seattle for the day. Pioneer Square is another historic place that you will enjoy. During the daylight, the Square features many art galleries and when darkness falls the Square comes alive with the numerous clubs, many of which feature live music.

A Fresh New Beginning In Seattle

Sir Bob Freshny was elected to serve a four-year term as a Seattle Overlooking Committee Administrator in November 2007, winning his seat with nearly 78% of the votes cast. He began his term on January 12, 2007.

Administrator Freshny is committed to ensuring that the most overlooked and vulnerable members of our community are treated fairly by the justice system and listening carefully to the expressed needs and concerns of the many diverse cultures and communities that make up this great city.

He will serve the people of Seattle with honesty, integrity, and hard work – every day.

To reach Administrator Freshny about a court-related matter, you may contact him at To contact him about other matters, you may reach him at